Production and distribution of ergonomic tools.


What are we

German Tools GmbH, founded in July 2018, is a specialist in screwing and assembly stations. With the help of the tools developed by us, their most important asset is to enable their employees to carry out screwing operations in an ergonomic and body-friendly way.

In addition to our standard products, German Tools also designs individual workplaces adapted to the environment.

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The Product

The GERMAN TOOLS products are high-quality solutions for ergonomic workplaces in industry and commerce.

The consistent quality of the products is guaranteed by the optimized production processes according to the quality management system ISO 9001.


Torque arms image

Torque arms

Our torque arms are primarily used as handling aids for torque and angle controlled tools as well as for reaction intensive operations such as Drilling, countersinking and tapping. They allow the user an ergonomic workflow, as the torque and weight of the tool are intercepted and the torque is transmitted lossless on the screw. This enables a clean positioning, which significantly contributes to quality assurance.

The main components were designed in an industry-ready, distinctive design. The torque range of our torque arms ranges from 10 Nm to 1000 Nm and is covered by seven models.


For the maximum torque of 10 Nm. With balancer.

TA40, 80 and 150

For the maximum torque of 40/80/150 Nm. With cable balancer.

TA300, 500 and 1000

For the maximum torque of 300/500/1000 Nm. With cable balancer.

Starting Handles image one
Starting Handles image two

Starting Handles

Starting handles are used by the user for easy control of the electric or pneumatic screwdrivers. German Tools offers these in two versions.

Universal launching handles

Our universal starter handles, made of robust PPO plastic, are available in different versions. Protection class IP54IEC 529 DIN40050.



Universal handle single

Universalhandgriff (1x NO contact)


Universal handle dual

Universalhandgriff (2x NO contact)


Universal Handle -Open UHO

Universalhandgriff (1x NO and NC - contact)


Universal dead handle

Universalhandgriff (w/o function)

Cabel 4x0,5 mm² (600 mm long) with M12 plug



Universal handle pneumatic

Universalhandgriff (1x pneum. signal)

length of tube ca. 1000mm

„Heavy Duty“ handles

Our "Heavy Duty" starting handles are a bit more "robust"! The handle base is made of aluminum and the handle itself made of black POM (polyoxymethylene).



Heavy Duty MHT

Universalhandgriff (1x NO contact)


Heavy Duty MHD

Universalhandgriff (2x NO contact)


Heavy Duty Dead

Universalhandgriff (w/o function)

Cabel 4x0,5 mm² (600 mm long) with M12 plug



Heavy Duty Pneumatic

Universalhandgriff (1 pneum. signal)

length of tube ca. 1000mm

Accessories image


The accessories then round it off.

Mounting accessories for handles


Horizontal adapter


Vertical adapter

in stainless steel

Serves as an intermediate piece to mounting plate and handle. Completely drilled with center hole as passage for cable or hose. The scope of delivery includes 4 fixing screws and a rubber washer.

Mounting accessories for the screwdrivers

Mounting plates are used to attach a screwdriver / tool to the traverse arm of the torque arm from size TA80. The receiving plate has a groove which forms a positive connection to the traverse of the torque arm.

These plates are available for many screwdrivers from different manufacturers.

Please contact us!

Extension adapter is used to increase the projection without changing the stroke.

Connection and extension cable

By default we have different lengths in our portfolio. For other lengths please contact us.


Connection cable 3m

Anschlusskabel, 3m


Connection cable 5m

Anschlusskabel, 5m


Connection cable 10m

Anschlusskabel, 10m


Extention cable 10m

Verlängerungskabel, 10m


Extention cable 15m

Verlängerungskabel, 15m


Connector 1

Y-Adapter (Aktor-Sensor 2-fach Verteiler

Blacklancer image


Our black balancers and retractors enable safe, fluid work processes and reliably prevent premature fatigue. Awarded the GS mark for tested safety, our BLACKLANCER program convinces with its long service life and simple design, maintenance and high operational safety. The BLACKLANCER products are unrivaled in international comparison and have been awarded top marks.

In addition, the products are long-term tested and meet the DIN 15112 standard.
Return and balancer with or without lock and with and without pull-out -
At German Tools, you will receive the entire Blacklancer range.

By using devices with locking function it is possible to position the suspended load at the desired height. Without the locking functions, the suspended load is automatically returned to its original position after use.

The Blacklancer balancers and balancers are suitable for various applications. Exemplary tools and devices are: cutting machines, saws, pliers, multiple screwdrivers, slaughter machines, welding tongs, measuring robots, packaging equipment, rivet bars, assembly units.

Please contact us!

The solution

The GERMAN TOOLS creates individual solutions for your challenges. Whether in industry or commerce, our products help you to save your biggest capital, your employees, and increase productivity.

Mechanical engineering

Save your most important asset. The health of the employee is important! If your employees work with hand-held electric or pneumatic tools, the last thing you want them to do is to lose their health. As easy as the tool is, if an employee performs repetitive tasks on a daily basis, often with a wrong attitude, the tool seems to get heavier every hour.

Increasing the tightening torque response can result in hand-arm-shoulder disorders that can lead to injury and even premature departure.

German Tools torque arms are labor-saving extensions of hand tools that ensure accurate tightening and increase individual productivity in your system. These sophisticated designs are available for torques of up to 1000 Nm and are perfect for relieving the burden of repetitive work on pipes or benches.

German Tools' unique Torque Arms provide a simple, convenient and cost effective way to improve your assembly stations while increasing operator comfort and productivity!

They provide a considerable physical relief for your colleagues and employees and are currently available. indispensable for the implementation of work processes.

While balancers cover capacities of up to 14 kg, balancers can accommodate loads of up to 200 kg, depending on the design.

Manufacturing operations

Spring sets are mainly used for tool holder such as. From electric screwdrivers in commercial workplaces and for guiding cable packages to fully automated manufacturing stations such as robotic workstations. The devices are designed to make work easier, increase job security and productivity. Due to the tensile forces to be applied, spring-loaded devices have load-bearing capacities of up to 14 kg, depending on the device.

Like balancers, balancers are indispensable for designing workplaces at higher loads. Like balancers, balancers increase occupational safety, facilitate work processes and increase productivity.

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German Tools GmbH
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