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The GERMAN TOOLS creates individual solutions for your challenges. Whether in industry or commerce, our products help you to save your biggest capital, your employees, and increase productivity.

Mechanical engineering

Save your most important asset. The health of the employee is important! If your employees work with hand-held electric or pneumatic tools, the last thing you want them to do is to lose their health. As easy as the tool is, if an employee performs repetitive tasks on a daily basis, often with a wrong attitude, the tool seems to get heavier every hour.

Increasing the tightening torque response can result in hand-arm-shoulder disorders that can lead to injury and even premature departure.

German Tools torque arms are labor-saving extensions of hand tools that ensure accurate tightening and increase individual productivity in your system. These sophisticated designs are available for torques of up to 1000 Nm and are perfect for relieving the burden of repetitive work on pipes or benches.

German Tools' unique Torque Arms provide a simple, convenient and cost effective way to improve your assembly stations while increasing operator comfort and productivity!

They provide a considerable physical relief for your colleagues and employees and are currently available. indispensable for the implementation of work processes.

While balancers cover capacities of up to 14 kg, balancers can accommodate loads of up to 200 kg, depending on the design.

Manufacturing operations

Spring sets are mainly used for tool holder such as. From electric screwdrivers in commercial workplaces and for guiding cable packages to fully automated manufacturing stations such as robotic workstations. The devices are designed to make work easier, increase job security and productivity. Due to the tensile forces to be applied, spring-loaded devices have load-bearing capacities of up to 14 kg, depending on the device.

Like balancers, balancers are indispensable for designing workplaces at higher loads. Like balancers, balancers increase occupational safety, facilitate work processes and increase productivity.

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